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Midtown Traditional from 1904 Boasts True Backyard Oasis

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[The pool, grills (plural) and renovated carriage house.]
[The pool, grills (plural) and renovated carriage house.]

This stately, traditional-style home sits a block from Piedmont Park and offers enough checklist items to wear a No. 2 pencil to its annoying metal nub. Fans of painstaking old-world restorations and contemporary newbuilds can probably agree that this six-bedroom stalwart from 1904 is spectacular. For a smidgen less than $1.3 million, a buyer gets (deep breath): a bona fide backyard oasis with a pizza grill, fire pit and heated pool, with a spa that waterfalls into it; a converted, beachy carriage house with an extra bedroom and bathroom; nearly 3,800 square feet; seven damn fireplaces; a basement with wine cellar and gym; original pocket doors; parking that's gated and covered … and more. The interior is a study in clean, understated elegance that finds harmony between yesteryear soul and the practicality of today. For the most part. (Here's looking at you, slightly underwhelming kitchen!) The listing agent effuses that this is "undoubtedly one of Midtown's most special homes!" And they just might be on point.

· 276 9th St. NE [Estately]