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HGTV's Chip Wade Shows off Fancy Metro ATL Mansion

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[All images via HGTV Magazine.]
[All images via HGTV Magazine.]

Chip Wade, star of "Elbow Room" on HGTV, spends his time designing other people's spaces for TV. But at home in his 11,000-square-foot Cumming mansion, he's had to satisfy the demands of his most stringent clients yet: his family. This month HGTV Magazine featured his mega-house in a photo shoot, and it's enough to make you wonder how much those folks on HGTV make. From the outside, the home looks like any other large suburban house, but inside Wade has tricked it out with designer touches to create a truly unique home. The images are downright cheesy and staged, but the rooms they show off are pretty fantastic — it's almost like a designer lives there. And who wouldn't want an epic Ping-Pong room?

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