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Census Data Makes for Sexy Info-Graphics and Maps

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For those who nerd out over Census stats — you're probably wearing white and gold — and love Atlanta, have we found the site for you! Statistical Atlas is a one-stop-shop for Census data analysis morphed into palatable, sleek info-graphics and maps. It allows wonks to examine numbers and demographics from macro — country-wide — to super-micro — your block — so there's a whole lot of glorious time-wasting to be had. Just scratching the surface, we were shocked to discover that while the City of Atlanta is by far the biggest population center, it falls to number 15 in population density in the state, surpassed by suburban enclaves like Brookhaven and Dunwoody. But that's far from all there is to learn ...

Atlanta's relative lack of density highlights two things: 1. Its inhabitants are located in certain pockets and 2. There's an abundance of undeveloped land within city limits. While it may not be that surprising, the fact that some intown neighborhoods like Old Fourth Ward and Inman Park are the most densely populated in the city is a testament to their growth in popularity in the last few years, which has driven the populations through the roof. And while they far surpass Midtown, somewhat inexplicably, the block bounded by Piedmont Avenue and Juniper Street between 13th and 14th streets is by far the densest in the city.

But with breakdowns by school system, ancestry and occupation, just to name a few, the site is a perfect way to blissfully waste your Friday away ...

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