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Candidate for Nashville Mayor Takes Cheap Shot at Atlanta

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Nashville in the midst of a heated mayoral race, and at least one candidate has stooped to airing commercials that bash The Big Peach. The camp of Republican hopeful David Fox is behind an ad that smears Atlanta and warns Nashvillans that, without sufficient leadership, they'll end up mired in traffic and perpetually morose. In the clip, a frustrated Atlanta commuter steps out of her car in log-jammed traffic and holds up signs that say the following: "Hey Nashville. Welcome to Atlanta. Don't make the same mistakes we did. Fight to protect your way of life. The Nashville Way. It's not too late." The video is set to the sort of hunky-dory whistling and guitar-strumming that forms the basis of Nashville's cute economy. (Have a look for yourself over here.) This comes on the heels of an Alabama official calling the Capital of the South, basically, a dysfunctional and rotting hellhole earlier this week. What gives?