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Which of These 'Make Me Move' Listings is Least Delusional?

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The world of Zillow's "Make Me Move" online property features can be fraught with greedy homeowners eager to trap suckers in mortgages they'll never escape. Or worse. But surprisingly, that doesn't seem to be the case across Atlanta's "Make Me Move" landscape right now, with a few possible exceptions. Zillow says it offers the service so property owners can "alert potential buyers that you are interested in selling without officially putting your home on the market," and sometimes the pre-listings are actually not too delusional. We've compiled a few examples from Buckhead to Peoplestown. Have a look and cast a vote after the jump for which one you think might actually sell for what it wants.

1. Almost $1 Million in Inman Park

The $975,000 it'll take to boot the occupants from this Inman Park house might cause you to blanch at first, but it's pretty much the going rate for six bedrooms and 3,600 square feet in this neck o' the woods. Built in 1920, the house neighbors Sotto Sotto and was bought for $135,000 in 2010 and then rehabbed and expanded. The Make Me Move price has actually climbed by $100,000 since last December.

2. $266,000 near Turner Field

This Peoplestown two-story from the year 2000 knows how to sell the future. It's two houses down from Four Corners Park and close to both the Turner Field Redevelopment of the Future and the Beltline corridor. For $266,000, it has six bedrooms, more than 3,000 square feet and one very Smurfy exterior. What the inside looks like is unfortunately anybody's guess.

3. $510K in heart of Ormewood

This five-bedroom traditional in "the heart of Ormewood" is presumably less haunted than the Make Me Move photo makes it seem. (Why not wait until daytime?) Built in 2011 with 2,200 square feet, it touts a "hard-to-find-100-foot-wide site," bocce court and one-block proximity to Atlanta Charter Middle School.

4. Refurbished Tudor in Lake Claire Tudor

This four-bedroom Tudor from 1940 in Lake Claire recently had the left peak built onto the façade — a decision that added a huge master bedroom walk-in closet and made the house look completely surprised. The former duplex is now a four-bedroom house with an asking price of $750,000. It's had Make Me Move status for nearly two years.

5. $545K in East Lake

This large East Lake abode from 1960 was gutted and rebuilt in 2010, resulting in 2,675 square feet with an office, playroom, four bedrooms and huge backyard deck. For $545,000, it boasts proximity to Drew Charter School and custom Craftsman molding and styling throughout.

6. $5.9M Buckhead Mediterranean

This Mediterranean-style palace on Northside Drive includes a two-acre lake, six bedrooms, more than 11,200 square feet — and Make Me Move math that works out to an ambitious $524 per square foot. It's the home of Atlanta designer and builder Charles R. Dean, whose forte is lavish faux-European pomp.

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