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'Private Island' off Georgia Coast Could Be Yours — for $17M

Just off Sea Island, snuggled between a marsh and 700 feet of the Intercostal Waterway, this sprawling estate is where stress goes to die. Billed as a "private island" residence, the property is actually part of an exclusive neighborhood but features plenty of water-frontage and a good amount of seclusion, not to mention it's kind of kick-ass. The 6,000-square-foot Spanish Mission inspired home jibes with the coastal context, and if it doesn't offer quite enough space for you, note the two additional cottages and a 2,000-square-foot "club" featuring a bar, workout facilities and massive porches facing the pool. The lofty ceilings here are worth the price of admission, and overall the property doesn't wander too far into gaudiness to diminish its gorgeousness. While calling it a "private island" might be a stretch — after all, if you can drive to it, it's not really an island — for $17.8 million you can call it whatever you want. Except cheap.

· Little Hawkins Island