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First Look: Plans for Latest Memorial Drive Redevelopment

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[Renderings courtesy Paces Properties; image: Google Maps.]

Paces Properties has an official name for their latest redevelopment effort east of downtown Atlanta: "Larkin on Memorial." Formerly a Habitat for Humanity facility, the 63,000-square-foot mixed-use project will sit across the street from Oakland Cemetery, and with the tagline "Main Street in Your Backyard," it's envisioned as a sort of throwback community shopping center, according to a leasing package obtained by Curbed. Paces, the developer behind Krog Street Market and the upcoming Atlanta Dairies redo (and more on Memorial Drive), says the project's goal is to serve day-to-day needs of people in Grant Park, East Atlanta and other nearby nabes. Here's part of the company pitch: "Combining the convenience of a practical shopping center with the warmth and hospitality of a familiar, family-friendly neighborhood establishment, Larkin is seeking tenants who will offer a range of essential, everyday services and provisions for households in these flourishing eastside neighborhoods from dry-cleaning to daycare to quality groceries and dry goods." The location on the main east-west route for many downtown workers could be key. And the project could mark another step in the resurgence of Memorial Drive.

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