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Own This Ginormous, Unfinished House Near Lenox for $3M

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For ITP buyers in the market for a full half-acre of house, this rustic mega-manse around the corner from Lenox Square should satisfy any outlandish square-footage desires. And it's not too late to pick out finishes! Or ceilings! Listed last month for $1,000 shy of $3 million, this sprawling shell boasts a YMCA-esque space for an indoor pool, a colossal peaked foyer and the most imposing patio fireplace in recent Atlanta history. It's overrun with an abundance of just everything — 10 bathrooms, eight fireplaces, four laundry rooms (who needs that?), five-car garage(s), multiple art galleries and almost 24,000 square feet. Perks include the elevator, the endless stacked stone (it jibes with the context) and the massive expanses of forest-facing windows. The listing agent tells us this property is the owner's "dream home," but why they're walking away now isn't so clear. According to online records, the owner isn't famous but does fancy making philanthropic contributions. So maybe they'll budge on price.

· 2883 W. Roxboro Road NE [Redfin]

Lenox Square

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