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A Drone's-Eye View of Atlanta's Magical Lantern Parade

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Last week, Beltline and city officials warned that some 23,000 spectators and participants might show up for one of Atlanta's most popular new traditions, the Atlanta Beltline Lantern Parade, and based on our nonscientific observations of the 1.5-hour-long magical march, those estimates could have been way too conservative.

Thousands partied at a new Historic Fourth Ward Park festival and then packed the two-mile Eastside Trail to cheer marching bands and custom-made, LED lanterns that included a giant Rapunzel, triceratops and wild-eyed psycho pig. Despite reports of logjam headaches caused by Music Midtown preparations at Piedmont Park, the merriment at the sixth-annual parade seemed universal. For those who couldn't attend — or who want to relive the moment from an incredible vantage point — have a gander at this three-minute video by Georgia Drone Services. It just might give you a new appreciation for the scope of this wondrous gathering.