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Midtown-ish Modern Just Got Axed by $100,000

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This sprawling, mid-aughts modern residence on Robin Hood Road is trying to take from the rich and give right back to them. For modern lovers, the good news first: After 70 days unsold, the home just underwent a no-nonsense $100,000 price chop. And the bad: It still costs 1.7 million big ones. The centralized location is the Sherwood "Don't Call Us Ansley, Damn it!" Forest neighborhood, with the spires of Midtown just over the trees. Five-bedroom domiciles of any kind don't come cheap, and especially not 5,400-square-foot contemporary titans in this neck of the woods. Highlights include 25-foot ceilings with windows to match, the sleek gourmet kitchen and multi-level outdoor options, which abut a bubbling creek. Maybe it's the lack of a powerful camera flash, but some of the stonework, countertops and general decorating seems so gothic you'd expect a business card on the table to read "Home Interiors By Heroin-Era Trent Reznor." The listing agent throws around descriptions like "timeless," "masterpiece," and "in demand for photo shoots," but thus far, it hasn't been in demand for serious buyers.

· 170 Robin Hood Road NE []