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Troubled Gwinnett Place Area: 'Man, Let's Just Start Over'

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The once-thriving retail nucleus of Gwinnett County is a shell of its former self, and to "stem the retail decline" around Gwinnett Place Mall, as one official puts it, plans call for simply swapping out the parking lots and abandoned big boxes and putting up a Readymade Urban Utopia! The district has been hemorrhaging retail anchors for a decade (and soon, Fortune 500 giant NCR Corp. will skedaddle for Midtown, too), but there may be hope on the horizon, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reports. Funding from the Atlanta Regional Commission and the National Association of Retailers is supporting a Beltline-inspired master plan that hopes to transform the area into a "multi-modal green corridor," replete with wondrous mixed-use development, walking and biking trails, urban-style apartments and parks. Because, in this day and age, peeling the roof off Macy's just doesn't cut the mustard.

Gwinnett Place Mall

2100 Pleasant Hill Road, Duluth, GA 30096