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Demolition Signals Progress on Chamblee Mixed-Use Facelift

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The remake of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard is slated for a big boost as construction begins on the mixed-use Parkview on Peachtree. Announced almost two years ago, the project is moving forward with the recent start of demolition of an old warehouse building on the site. Taking its place will be more than 500 housing units — 302 in Phase I; 200 in Phase II — 40,000 square feet of boutique shopping and 14,000 square feet of office space. In a press release, Timothy "J.R." Connolly II, CEO of CONNOLLY — the developer behind the project who seems to have a stuck CAPS LOCK key — mused that "Parkview on Peachtree brings a [sic] urban lifestyle to the area and will play a major role in redefining the commercial and residential footprint of this high income, high density development hotbed."

Word of this groundbreaking comes as things heat up in the neighborhood with more than a few pending developments. Sited half-a-mile away from Chamblee Station, the project's intent is to spur walkability in the area. Not alone in the endeavor, Parkview is just down the street from the Olmstead, which also recently broke ground.

Designed by locally based Cooper Carry, renderings suggest the development will have an industrial-tinged modern vibe. According to the press release from CONNOLLY and Terwilliger Pappas, the project should open in 2017.

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