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Dunwoody Plans 'Connector' to Confront Perimeter Boom

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If Dunwoody has its way, downtown won't be the only place in Atlanta with a "Connector." D-woody officials have proposed a new road to help alleviate congestion in the area around the Perimeter Business District, which would connect Hammond Drive directly to Interstate 285. The crowded district is likely to get a whole lot busier in the next few years with the construction of major projects including High Street and the State Farm campus. In an effort to beat development traffic to the punch, Dunwoody plans to pony up $20 million to build this northside connector, according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle.

The growth in the area has been spurred by ease of access to Interstate 285, Ga. Highway 400 and MARTA, but the neighborhood has long felt the strain of its success. While the area is dominated by car commuters, there is a considerable push by developers to link their new projects with the adjacent MARTA station. Which is a good thing.

Not just for cars, the proposed connection would also provide pedestrian access from both planned and existing developments to the Dunwoody MARTA Station, hopefully helping the cause by encouraging use of the public transit.

Projected to siphon as many as 700 cars off Hammond Drive during peak travel times, the road could make a small dent in the area's overall traffic. And the proposal comes as work is set to begin on the $1.1 billion interchange reconfiguration of I-285 and Ga. Highway 400. So changes are coming, large and small.

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