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Baby Cabbagetown Bungalow wants Not-So-Tiny $220K

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Pining for a place in Cabbagetown, but feeling a bit priced out of the neighborhood? Well, if you don't mind a tiny home, a baby bungalow next to Oakland Cemetery offers a lot of adorableness for relatively few bucks — bearing in mind that, according to Zillow, prices in the neighborhood have soared close to 20 percent in the last year. To bag this 1920s home, which weighs in at a pint-sized 640 square feet, you'll have to lay out a not-inconsequential $219,900 (almost $344 per square foot). While it's certainly no micro-house, the four-ish room affair doesn't scream "spacious" either, but it does come with a pleasant little backyard, fancy appliances, a cute fireplace and a radiantly chartreuse front door. On the bright side, look at it this way: A midnight snack is so much closer when your bedroom is next to your kitchen.

· 252 Iswald St. [Zillow]