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Cobb is Seeing Green in Flashier Public Transportation

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A proposal to add a bit of bling to Cobb County's bus network could attract more riders, according to Xzibit the brand strategists of Jackson Spalding. Since "Pimp My Ride" no longer airs, unfortunately, and a joke-cracking rapper probably won't come knocking, Cobb County has had to tap some more legitimate advisors in an effort to increase ridership on Cobb Community Transit (CCT), according to the Atlanta Business Chronicle. Recommendations to come up for an official vote on Sept. 22 include a rebranding of bus service as CobbLinc — because words are so much cooler when they're misspelled and smashed into one long string of text — and a complete overhaul of the existing and new fleet of vehicles. Apparently Cobb residents are likely to be lured by precious metal and jewel-hued buses: reports indicate that the buses will be silver with gold roofs and red, blue and purple lettering.

Beyond the tricked out buses, the proposal addresses more than just the purely aesthetic, searching for deeper reasons for low ridership. Sure, CobbLinc will offer spruced-up branding and a slick new ride to and from Atlanta during the week, but it could also provide additional service in the form of a new shuttle system in the Cumberland area to coincide with the opening of SunTrust Park. A final decision for implementation of the proposal won't come for a few weeks, and repainting of the system won't happen for at least a year. So until then, the Cobb resident(s) who elect to use the transit system will have to slum it with non-glitzy buses.

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