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Did this West Paces Manse Tap Liberace for Interior Design?

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West Paces Ferry Road is home to the highest concentration of disgustingly expensive homes in Atlanta — and also this $1.35 million gaud-fest of a mansion. While it appears a grand old manse from the outside — with terracotta roof and ornate classical elements around the windows — the interior is like climbing into Liberace's brain. The listing calls the home "historic," yet records indicate it dates to 1960; and once inside, the frilly wrought ironwork on the staircases and low ceilings hint that the latter is correct. At the very least, there was a major 1960s renovation for the worse. The appearance isn't helped by the gigantic furniture crammed into some rooms and the presence of enough different fabrics and tapestries for a Viennese palace. Maybe after a furniture diet, a fresh coat of paint and some serious updating, the five-bedroom, three-and-1/2 bathroom home could keep up with its glitzy, polished neighbors.

· 251 West Paces Ferry Rd. [Zillow]