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Despite Discount, 'Immaculate' Tudor is Hearing Crickets

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The equation for buying large houses in Atlanta must go something like this: Impressively renovated and gracious Southern home + intown walkability – garage = no deal, damn it! Right? Or maybe that math applies only when the price approaches $1 million, as it does with this traditional Tudor from 1937 in Brookwood, which underwent a $50,000 price-slice earlier this month but still can't sell. This 3,040-square-foot looker might have a small city park for a backyard, a hot tub and a laundry room that shames many intown kitchens, but when it comes to storing vehicles, there's a merely a carport here. After 70 days on the market, the latest price is $999,000, so it isn't cheap, but it's also not the only four-bedroom in the vicinity in the million-bucks ballpark. The location allows for a walk to Tuk Tuk Thai Food and Mellow Mushroom in seconds, for instance, but maybe this just isn't what Atlantans envision when they think million-dollar residence.

· 37 26th St. NW [Estately]