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Builder: Beltline Rentals Lure Families; No Slowdown in Sight

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In an interview with Globe Street, the CEO of multifamily developer Perennial Properties sheds light on exactly who's renting near the Beltline now and what he foresees happening in the future. Tim Schrager, whose company is behind Poncey-Highland's 755 North project and Westside's The Brady, among others, says people "across the age spectrum" are renting the hundreds of new Beltline-adjacent units, including an uptick of families (in larger apartments) and empty-nesters, though the bulk are professionals in their 20s and 30s. The next hotspots, as Schrager (and many others) see it, will be along the Westside Trail and near the Eastside Trail's planned extension to Memorial Drive. "Construction plans indicate that multifamily development will heat up in those neighborhoods next," Schrager told the website. "As the Beltline expands, there will be a wave of apartment and mixed-use construction following in its wake," so long as the economy permits, he said.