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Country's Largest Dance Music Fest turns Muddy Horror Show

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The third incarnation of TomorrowWorld — the country's largest Electronic Dance Music festival, held 25 miles south of Atlanta in Chattahoochee Hills — ended nightmarishly for thousands of attendees from around the planet this weekend. Constant rains flooded the grounds and, by late Saturday night, oomph-oomph-a-palooza had devolved into chaos, as the reveling masses tried to leave but found the event's overwhelmed shuttle services MIA. By Sunday morning, when festivals organizers closed the gates to anyone not camping there (barring many ticket holders), national media had started calling the whole thing "disastrous." One WSB-TV reporter on the scene summarized the debacle as follows: "There were thousands sleeping on the sides of roads, hiking for miles, left in the middle of nowhere without no (sic) food, water, shelter and many not properly dressed or equipped to spend the night outside in cold, wet conditions." TomorrowWorld's live-feed showed the festival rollicking again by Sunday evening, but the residual public-relations damage could be substantial.