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New Name Makes 'Buckhead Atlanta' Far Less Confusing

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Finally, someone has convinced developer OliverMcMillan that branding a new district with the same name as its neighborhood is horribly confusing and downright annoying. Thankfully, the development formerly known as "Buckhead Atlanta" has been rechristened "The Shops Buckhead Atlanta," according to Tomorrow's News Today. While it's unclear exactly when the change happened, and while it's still a fairly terrible name (apparently they're too classy for proper preposition usage), at least Atlantans will no longer be forced into interactions like this:
Person 1: "Where are you going?"
Person 2: "Buckhead Atlanta."
Person 1: "Yeah, but where?"
Person 2: "Buckhead Atlanta."
Person 1: "I know Buckhead is in Atlanta, but where in Buckhead?"
Person 2: "Buckhead Atlanta... In Buckhead, Atlanta."
Person 1: punches Person 2 in face

Buckhead Atlanta

Peachtree Road at Buckhead Avenue, Atlanta, GA