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With Permits in Motion, 2 Midtown High-Rises Aim for Sky

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[AMLI Arts Center. Image by AMLI via BisNow.]
[AMLI Arts Center. Image by AMLI via BisNow.]

Developers have set in motion the permitting process for two high-profile, high-rise projects in Midtown that promise to bring architectural variety to the rising skyline. Book-ending Midtown on the northern and southern ends, the projects will contribute a total of more than 500 units to the market, according to BisNow. On the northern end, a 30-story apartment tower at 1240 West Peachtree St. is slated to consume an age-old parking lot between The Connector and Arts Center MARTA Station. Meanwhile, at the southern end of Midtown, JPX Works' recently announced 24-story building is wasting no time in replacing a two-story former restaurant and vacant lot near the Fox Theatre.

While the tower proposals differ substantially in appearance, both could be welcome additions on two long-languishing sites ...

The site for the new Arts Center tower — being developed as AMLI Arts Center — was once slated for development as Trump Tower Atlanta. What The Donald couldn't muster up, AMLI could soon bring to fruition, though with the advantage of an economy on the upswing.

The site for the tower across from the Fox has been home to an abandoned building for the better part of a decade. As we reported earlier this month, the JPX Works tower will feature high-end units, though it's yet to be determined if they will be apartments or condos. Whatever is to come will help fill out the block with the Georgian Terrace and Hotel Indigo.