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Midtown Docket: 3 More Big Builds, including Peachtree Towers

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Large-scale development is to Midtown what DragonCon attendees are to rare comic books and Leonard Nimoy autographs: It's going nuts. An agenda for the Midtown SPI-16 and Piedmont SPI-17 Development Review Committees meeting on Sept. 8 proves that the wave of big proposals is showing few signs of washing out. The committees act as advisors to city government, and they give formal recommendations on building permits to the city's planning department. And they've got a lot on their plate in September, as we see after the jump.


At the northeast corner of Peachtree and 7th streets we find the first proposal — and presumably the largest. Texas-based The Hanover Company wants to build a truly mixed-use tower that would rise 28 stories, between the Metropolis condo building and the under-construction Seventh condos. Expect 350 "residential units," 43,000 square feet of offices and enough street retail for a few restaurants and shops, in addition to a shared parking deck with 535 spaces, according to the Midtown DRC agenda. Hanover has been busy in Atlanta, with hands in a few Buckhead developments and The Apartment Mid-Rise That Ate Midtown Checkers.


JPX Works, the development team led by Jarel Portman, is proposing a 24-story tower at the corner of Peachtree and 3rd streets near the Fox Theatre. The relatively small site (0.31 acres) is also bordered by Hotel Indigo and an alley. Whether this will be condos or apartments isn't yet clear — the agenda labels it merely a "residential building." But with only 150 units spread among 24 stories, and with JPX already poised to build Atlanta's first major condo project in ages, smart money could say that these will be for-sale units, but that's conjecture for now. The vision also calls for 4,000 square feet of street retail and 189 parking spaces.


On Juniper Street, somewhere between 4th and 5th streets, Southeast Capital Companies is pitching a six-story mid-rise with a rooftop terrace. Expect 158 one-and-two-bedroom units wrapped around a 272-space parking deck.

All of which means, it's high time to update this ...

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