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Unreal Northside Home is Like a Permanent Tokyo Vacation

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If you're yearning for a jaunt to Japan, but 12-hour flights aren't really your cup of tea, you're in luck — assuming you have $1.7 million laying around. Epitomizing Japanese modern style, this 1970s Zen retreat off Mt. Paran Road in Northside will definitely fit the bill. Sitting on 2.2 acres, the home is secluded among Japanese gardens, koi ponds and two tea houses. Inside, there's a meditation room complete with tatami mat floor and a kitchen with hand-carved cabinetry that you won't find at Benihana. Designed by Japanese architects and constructed by craftsmen from Kyoto, the home and grounds are Japanese to a T. No word if the funky orange orb sculpture stays — but that's probably worth negotiating.

· 4010 Beechwood Dr. [Zillow]