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One of Atlanta's Oldest Buildings Will Soon be No More

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On a quiet street corner just east of Piedmont Park in Morningside there sits an old, old home. The details of its origins are a bit murky but it seems — like most Atlantans — it is a transplant. While it may not be from 'round here, two things are certain: It's ancient by Atlanta standards. And it's about to be torn down. Terry Kearns, Atlanta's Architecture Tourist, ventured to photograph the home before the demolition permit is put into effect and shared images of the nondescript two-story structure. A commentator on his Facebook photo album offered that the owner once indicated the home "was originally built in the 1840s" and that when it was moved to its present location, "They had to close down Peachtree and move it in the middle of the night." However, Kearns informed us this morning after visiting the house that it was constructed in Woodville, south of Athens, in 1858 and relocated to its current location in 1985.

The current owner of the site is local developer Parkwood. Known for large custom home construction, the firm has indicated they're planning to build a 4,517-square-foot residence on the site of the narrow white home. The anticipated cost is around $300,000, according to filing information for the permit. That amounts to just half the value listed on Zillow for the land and doomed historic house. And so there goes another piece of Georgia history in favor of a McMansion.

· 1385 Middlesex Ave. [Architecture Tourist; Facebook]