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Does Aerial Tour of $1.1B Interchange Show Pedestrian Trail?

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When it comes to the never-ending saga of Atlanta traffic, most drivers are always prepping for the next big project to kick off in a futile attempt to improve their lives. As the end of the year quickly approaches, the days draw nearer to the mother of them all: the most expensive traffic jam road project in Georgia history. According to industry blog Aggregates Manager, four contractors are vying for the chance to complete the $1.1 billion overhaul. Their proposals are now available for public review, so we checked out the video fly-over produced by GDOT for a refresher on the project. And, as promised back in June, the video suggests that drivers won't be the only ones with something to look forward to when all is said and done.

10. This can't be I-285... Traffic is moving.

9. The new collector/distributors make it look like there are two interstates running parallel, which is both awesome and sad. No. Just sad.

8. Twenty seconds in, and it's already boring. This would have been so much better with a soundtrack. Even Nickelback.

7. NEVERMIND! That interchange is massive!

6. And that zig-zag looking bridge at the bottom is actually pretty cool.

5. Hold up — Abernathy Road is getting a diverging diamond?

4. The first two fly-by shots are hard to believe but, seriously, is that a pedestrian and bike trail snaking through the interchange?

3. It is! Legit.

2. Okay, this spinning is making me dizzy.

1. Holy shit, this is a massive project. It's like the Son of Spaghetti Junction. Four years of construction shall not be fun.

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