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Beltline, O4W Park Bag Important Hardware Once Again

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Like a phoenix rising from the polluted railroad brownfields of yesteryear, the Atlanta Beltline project has once again snagged a significant award for urban renewal. At the Brownfields 2015 convention in Chicago this week, the Beltline's Eastside Trail and Historic Fourth Ward Park received a Phoenix Award, considered the gold standard for "achievement of excellence in brownfield redevelopment," officials announced today. The awards covered an 18-month cycle and were presented to the 2013/2014 winners. Last year, you may recall, the Beltline was basically anointed the best city rehab project in the world. It received the prestigious Prix d'Excellence Award for Best Environmental Rehabilitation Project from the International Real Estate Federation at a ceremony in Luxembourg. The park component also impressed the European judges, who called it "a public recreation oasis."