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Two Big Projects on MARTA's Gold Line Move Forward

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The proposed development at Chamblee Station. Image by Cooper Carry via AJC.

MARTA's plans to develop the land surrounding stations across the network just got a big boost. The transit agency has reached agreements with two developers to bring projects at Brookhaven and Chamblee stations to fruition, according to the AJC. At Brookhaven, MARTA envisions a 15-acre mini-city, while farther north, a much smaller development will bring 38,000 square feet of offices and 13,000 square feet of retail space to Chamblee station. The projects will boost revenue through land leases, and MARTA expects to drive up ridership, too — with an expected increase of up to 1,200 daily riders from the Brookhaven development alone.

[Images via MARTA]

Work on the Brookhaven project will be divided into three phases, with the first to bring 330 apartments, 25,200 square feet of retail and 117,600 square feet of offices to what are now parking lots. Though the first phase won't start until 2017, later phases could include condos, retail and senior living spaces. Given its scale, Chamblee will be completed much sooner than Brookhaven, officials believe. Work is slated to begin on the 2.14-acre site next summer, with completion a year later in 2017.

Add to that Assembly, being constructed next to Doraville station, and a spate of projects near Oglethorpe University, and it seems as though the Gold Line is destined for actual gold.

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