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Atlanta Botanical Garden's Light Display is Rather Dazzling

[Photos: Josh Green, Curbed Atlanta]

With the days getting cooler and nights coming sooner, it seemed like an opportune time this past weekend to breeze through the much-hyped "Light in the Garden" exhibit at Atlanta Botanical Garden. The work of British artist and optic-fiber whiz Bruce Munro, the custom installation uses some 30,000 glass spheres and hundreds of miles of glowing cables to transform the forest into a realm of gently pulsating luminosity that, from above, looks like a fluorescent, rainbowed carpet. It's the largest project of its kind in the world. Smaller installations incorporate more than 7,000 recycled water bottles and radiate against a backdrop of lit-up skyscrapers. Add pristine weather and several open bars to the mix — and the experience is downright enchanting. Adult tickets start at $19.95 for non-peak times, and the light show runs through Oct. 2. After the jump, find a visual preview.

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