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Plans Call for a Midtown Block to Look Like This

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[Renderings via; base image: Google Maps.]

Renderings for an apartment project called Juniper and 5th — or "J & 5" for short — have blipped the radar, showing how the project could drastically change this section of Midtown and claim existing surface parking lots. Southeast Capital Companies is pitching a six-story mid-rise with a two-story rooftop terrace and 158 apartments. According to property records, the project would consume the entire eastern side of Juniper Street, between 5th and 4th streets, just north of Ponce de Leon Avenue. In April, a sale of several parcels closed for $7.5 million to form a rectangular assemblage here. The site is bookended by parking lots now, with a couple of low-rise commercial and/or office buildings in between.

As for specifics, J & 5 would rise six stories and offer all the usual residential accouterments — fitness center and elevated pool, etc. — and homes that average 1,140 square feet. On a promotional webpage, the developer notes "a dearth of infill redevelopment opportunities within the Midtown market" and predicts the project will offer "the live-work-play environment that is highly desirable by the 'empty nester' and 'millennial' demographic groups, both of whom are rapidly moving into the urban market."

The project and several others are expected to come before the Midtown SPI-16 and Piedmont SPI-17 Development Review Committees today.

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