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Grant Park Cottage Tries to Compensate for Size with Color

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Packing two bedrooms into 772 square feet — only a touch larger than this mini Cabbagetown one-bedroomer — is no small feat. But a cottage in Grant Park, a few blocks south of Zoo Atlanta and just a short walk from the future Beltline trail, does just that — and isn't shy about it. From the outside, the home packs a punch with bright paint colors, a trend that continues inside. While the main room may lull you into a false sense of banality with its beige tones, a full-blown Crayola bonanza lurks just beyond. The bright red dining room, sea-foam kitchen and radiating yellow back deck offer buyers a chance to taste the rainbow — no Skittles necessary. Listed for $239,900, the home could be a good starter pad for buyers looking in the hot Grant Park market. But don't forget your sunglasses.

· 529 Robinson Ave [Trulia]