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University House: These Ain't Your Daddy's Dorms

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[Not pictured: the poolside Jumbotron. Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta]

Just in time for college football season — and less importantly, classes — a new Midtown tower chockfull of "ultra-modern student apartments" has opened for Georgia Tech pupils with discerning taste. And while he's probably paying the rent, these University House apartments are not your daddy's dorms. Gone are the musty communal showers, beaten-down kitchens and deplorable furnishings of higher-education past. The roughly 700 Tech students to nab a bed here will enjoy sparkling city views, vintage arcade games, multiple lounges and a resort-style pool with a freakin' Jumbotron. Like other new student residences around Atlanta, the project aims to capture demand for off-campus, upscale living. Is it a flunk-out factory in the making, or a case of smart kids finally getting what's rightfully theirs? Only time will tell.

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