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Glimpse of Solis Hotel at Porsche Experience Center Emerges!

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Porsche announced the groundbreaking of a new luxury hotel on the campus of its Porsche Experience Center last week. The center is in Hapeville near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and the adjacent hotel is expected to open next year. Capella Hotel Group was nice enough to send Curbed the first image of its still-in-planning Solis Hotel, which is just after the jump.

It looks like an overturned cruise ship. But! That cruise ship happened to beach right next to a sweet auto-test track. So, that's still pretty cool. Look at all of those cars!

The expectation might have been for something closer to the monolithic, floating structure of the Porsche Musem in Stuttugart, Germany (see below). But in all honesty, people won't be hanging around the experience center to admire the possibilities of modern building construction. Again, CARS!