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Inside Westside Ironworks, ATL's Next Big Repurposed Thing

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[Photos: Jonathan Phillips, Curbed Atlanta]

For 2016, Curbed Atlanta's long-running Visual Journeys series will take occasional detours called "Key Corridors" — photo-driven updates of the city's most swiftly developing streets. After dropping by the Berkshire Howell Mill apartments and surrounding mixed-use venture last week, we continue the Howell Mill tour due west of Midtown today at the impressive, adaptive-reuse amalgam known as Westside Ironworks. Developers call this project a "complete renovation of the iconic Ironworks complex," where a foundry used to operate in two industrial buildings. They're still putting the finishing touches on this $8-million+ redo, which will offer seven retail spaces and a freestanding Barcelona wine bar, but what is finished is clearly an improvement from aesthetic and social standpoints.

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