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Preserved $815K Midcentury Takes Another Crack at Selling

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This groovy relic from 1966 within walking distance of Chastain Park first blipped the Curbed radar back in 2011, when it was marketed for $133,000 cheaper than today and still failed to sell. But those were the relative Dark Ages, and this five-bedroom, 3,300-square-foot midcentury specimen's new price of $815,000 reflects a resurgent local economy and revived interest in this era of design. Little seems to have changed in the last four years, and the quirkiness that includes red kitchen cabinetry and Comic Book wall-art remains. It's located barely ITP in that verdant wonderland of big parcels off Roswell Road, and it must be noted that the double-lot land here is extraordinary — encompassing both forests and a meadow with a swimming pool — though wiping this slate clean would be a travesty. Especially when the proportions of the rooms — if not everything about them — seem right in line with what a 2016 buyer would want.

· 5550 Lake Forrest Drive NE []