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Smaller, Less Ugly Garden Hills Building Gains (Some) Approval

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Garden Hills Shopping Center may be no more than a distant memory, but the seemingly endless approvals process of its replacement is still raging. The saga traces back to the middle of last year (or sooner, if you want to count the big fire), when renderings were first released showing Brand Properties' proposal for a mid-rise office tower on the prominent Peachtree Road site. BuckheadView reports that requests to rezone the property for a mixed-use building have finally been approved by the Atlanta Zoning Review Board, marking tangible progress following a litany of revisions to the original proposal. That means the decision will now go before the City Council's Zoning Committee at the end of the month, before finally going to the council itself in February.

When the first proposal was released, neighbors were upset about the appearance of the building, the scale of the proposal and the access provided from the site to Peachtree Road. After a series of revisions, fortunes shifted, paving the way for the more recent approval.

Among the revisions were the removal of a floor of office space, a decrease in height by almost 30 feet, the omission of more than 75 parking spaces and finally the reduction of curb cuts on Peachtree Road from two to one. (Some neighbors have all the clout).

With details finally approved by the Garden Hills Civic Association, neighbors at the Rumson Court townhomes and surrounding businesses, it seems that construction could begin in the coming months.

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