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Atlanta Rent Trends Hint at Growing Inequality Gap

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A math-minded Kirkwood resident named John Keltz — operator of Numbers Box, a blog that "uses graphs, data and Tableau to better understand diverse topics" — has created interactive illustrations that highlight Atlanta's rental divide between cheap and relatively not. Recent calls for Atlanta City Hall to take action on affordable rents were Keltz's driving force for making the visuals — based on Zillow data and divided into specific neighborhoods, when possible — and he came away with several interesting insights. Sure, a couple of Buckhead neighborhoods have seen median rents crest over $2 per square foot, and Midtown is inching closer at $1.85 per square foot, "but half the city can still be rented for less than $1 per square foot," Ketz writes. "When people complain that the city is getting too expensive, they only mean the most desirable neighborhoods where they want to live. Half the city is very cheap." Another observation: Price is, of course, a good barometer of desirability, and as Keltz writes, data from the last five years show "the divide between nice neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods in Atlanta is growing."