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1800s Dunwoody Farm Receiving Needed Renovations

[The Donaldson-Bannister farm. Images via Dunwoody Preservation Trust.]

Built around 1870, the Donaldson-Bannister farm in Dunwoody has seen a lot of history. But time had taken its toll, and when it was announced back in 2014 that saving the site could take "several million" dollars, it seemed there was little hope that enough money could be cobbled together to safeguard the farm's future. However, happier times are on the horizon as Phase I of renovations wraps up, with Reporter Newspapers reporting that the job is being done for a fraction of the anticipated cost. Say what?

Spearheaded by the Dunwoody Preservation Trust, the first phase of renovation has focused on repairing floors and walls eaten by termites, helping to stabilize the home. Additionally, a non-historic barn behind the home was torn down in preparation for the construction of an accessible restroom building. Other plans in the works for the 2.9-acre site include a "natural" parking lot and further restoration of the home.

But for now, improvements have been enough to allow visitors to tour the home, supporting restoration efforts in the long run and affording Dunwoody residents a chance to step back in time.

· Dunwoody council updated on historic Donaldson-Bannister Farm renovations [Reporter Newspapers]