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Real Housewife of Atlanta Sues over Hideous Mansion

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Sheree Whitfield, a regular on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, has sued her insurance company for $279,940 over her incomplete mansion, according to the AJC. Under construction for the last five years, the mansion is designed to appear like a turreted castle, though from pictures it looks more muddy-brown mess than magical fairytale. Located in the southern reaches of Sandy Springs, the ungainly monstrosity mansion supposedly clocks in at around 15,000 square feet.

Since construction began, things have been continually delayed by obstacles — both financial and construction-related. The new lawsuit, and biggest delays, were allegedly caused by a burst water pipe back during the harsh winter of 2014, which sent H20 cascading from the second-floor balconies of the home. Unsatisfied with insurance compensation from the event, and recently sued by her contractor for $23,000 in unpaid balances, Whitfield is nonetheless hoping to wrap up her "Chateau Sheree" and pocket a chunk of change in the process.

Oh, the Real Housewives...

· Sheree Whitfield sues insurance company for $280,000 over Chateau Sheree damage [AJC]