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Serenbe's Low-Cost Homes and Studio for Artists Revealed

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[All images by J. Ashley.]

Two new homes in Serenbe, the idyllic enclave of lush farms and horses just south of Atlanta, are garnering a lot of attention as new residents move in. As the brainchild of the Serenbe Institute for Art, Culture & the Environment, the homes are reserved for artists in residence and were built as elegant yet affordable examples of domestic architecture. Designed by students of the Rural Studio at Auburn University, the cottages, joined by a common deck, feature one bedroom and one bathroom each and provide plenty of space for the artists in residence to live and work. Construction on the cottages commenced just five months ago, with hopes that each would cost a mere $20,000. While that estimate was overly optimistic, the two homes together cost a total of $135,000 according to ArtsATL, through with repetition, officials hope the cost per unit can come down to the ambitiously low target. While the homes might have been inexpensive, they definitely don't lack in style.

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