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In Oakhurst, $450K Bags 1920s Charm, Single Bathroom

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This 1927 charmer down the street from Oakhurst Village could appeal to buyers who value vintage style over sheer space. House-hunters won't get lost amid these 1,490 square feet, but this four-sided brick bungalow offers that increasingly rare entrée into walkable Oakhurst (and Decatur schools) for a sub-$450,000 house — okay, so it's $1,000 short of that mark — that borders on gorgeous. The single bathroom is a hindrance, but the listing agent stresses that buyers could "live comfortably now and perhaps expand later." The expansive back deck, with a great tree protruding through it, offers more room to breathe. And the kitchen, highlighted by Viking appliances and quartz countertops, affords one the opportunity to keep an eye on laundry while washing the dishes. Look up for perks that include fittingly ornate molding and one dazzling dining-room light fixture.

· 619 S McDonough St. [Coldwell Banker]