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'Magical' Midcentury 'Treehouse' Axed to $450,000

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When the broker babble posits that a "magical midcentury modern tree house" is "unlike anything you've seen" with a kitchen that's "straight from the pages of DWELL" magazine, the listing becomes laughably over-the-top and downright magnetic. The buyer who appreciates forested settings, unconventional entryways and vaulted ceilings will dig what this four-bedroom cool cat from 1961 is offering. Tucked off Shallowford Road near Spaghetti Junction, the house listed at $469,900 on Sunday — and was reduced to an even $450,000 just three days later. It boasts room to roam (3,375 square feet), a full unfinished basement and walls of sliding glass that open to private outdoor spaces, which perch over the steep but tranquil backyard. At least one bathroom could use some updating ("No!" shout the purists), but overall this could be a solid turnkey option for midcentury adherents.

· 2545 Lake Flair Circle NE []