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Retro Vinings Townhome has Taste of Bedrock, Bargain Price

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[Flintstone image via Comic Vine.]

It's been almost a year since a Vinings townhouse hit the market and, despite four price drops, the place has yet to find a taker. But the three-bedroom, two-and-1/2 bathroom home stands out as a bargain for the desirable small city, which boasts proximity to Interstates 285 and 75 for a quick commute into Midtown and such. Yes, the almost 2,000-square-foot fixer-upper does have some serious 1970s flair with reflective wallpaper, a mirrored wall, old-school appliances and a random platform in one of the bedrooms, but the views of the surrounding tree canopy are pleasant and the retro built-ins are actually pretty fantastic — assuming they're still there. (The date on the listing photos says 2013). While the vibe may be mostly Brady Bunch, one element stands out as something from an entirely different era: A wall of the living room is dominated by a chunky rock fireplace that could make Fred and Wilma feel right at home. There's no denying the home could use some updating to bring it into this decade, or millennium. But what's the big turn-off scaring buyers away when the price is $209,000?

· 3835 Paces Ferry West SE [Zillow]