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Atlanta Beltline Officials Strike Deal for Eastside Trail Extension and Southside Trail Design. Hurray!

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It looks like work on the Beltline will finally be moving forward in a tangible way. Soon. After a months-long planning and decision-making process, Beltline officials tell Curbed the design for the southern extension of the Eastside Trail has been completed and negotiations with a contractor are nearly wrapped. Plus, the Southside Trail has an equally exciting development as a lead design team has been picked. All they need to do is sign the paperwork. (Please sign the paperwork!)

Beltline officials picked Astra Group to construction the extension phase of the Eastside Trail. Astra previously worked on the first two and 1/2 mile section of the Eastside Trail and the first phase of Historic Fourth Ward Park. A groundbreaking hasn't been announced yet, but the most recent timetable requires Astra to finish the project within 18 months, once it launches. With any luck, that should mean Atlantans will be able to cruise and stroll along a functionally complete trail by the summer or early fall of 2017.

In other news, Kimley-Horn has been chosen to head up the design of the Southside Trail. Previously, the firm consulted on the Westside Trail design, which helped the city acquire TIGER grant funding for the project. That process could be especially interesting as the design team will have to integrate its work with whatever Fuqua Development does near Glenwood Place.

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