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Midtown Wants Your Opinion on How to Be Better

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Midtown is a neighborhood on the move. With a slew of projects both proposed and under construction, there's an energy like almost nowhere else in Atlanta. As the neighborhood grows, the Midtown Alliance is seeking input on how to improve its infrastructure. The group has created a map where people can leave comments about what they'd like to see. The initiative is a great way to engage in the process and crowdsource the documentation of issues in the neighborhood to better understand the real-time needs of users. With more than 370 comments so far, the project has garnered a lot of attention.

So far, the citizen comments run the gamut from simple to wholly unrealistic. On the "easy to fix" range of things are potholes, broken drain grates and sidewalk repairs, while occupying a space outside of feasible reality, visionaries include suggestions like "separated grade intersection at 14th and Peachtree" and a complete capping of The Connector.

Overall, the comments are constructive and highlight a range of issues that residents would like to see addressed to make life in Midtown a little bit better. Notably, a large portion of the comments focus on pedestrian experience, improved bike infrastructure and transit initiatives, indicating that folks in Midtown are interested in forgoing cars for alternative transportation options.

With strong community involvement and commitment from the Midtown Alliance, things look rather bright for Midtown.

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