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Beltline to Unveil Mysterious 'Light the Line' Initiative

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The Atlanta Beltline Partnership has called a press conference tonight at Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall, but they're not saying exactly what the major announcement will be. So let's try to piece together the few available clues and predict what's happening: According to PR reps, the conference will detail "some exciting news regarding the future of the Eastside Trail." They've sent along luminescent marketing images (see above) for something called "Light the Line." In addition to the Beltline's program director, Lee Harrop, and the Atlanta Beltline Partnership's executive director, Chuck Meadows, the event will include "special guests" from Georgia Power (Senior Vice President Pedro Cherry) and Jamestown Properties' CEO (Matt Bronfman). So it sounds like kind of a big deal, hopefully involving shiny objects that eradicate darkness.