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Beltline Visionary Ryan Gravel Joins City Design Taskforce

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Architect and planner Ryan Gravel — most famously the man behind the Beltline — will be joining the City of Atlanta's new Atlanta City Design Project. According to Atlanta INtown, Gravel will chair the initiative that falls under the Department of Planning and Community Development. The announcement marks the next step in a series of decisions that have greatly bolstered the planning facets of Atlanta's government, including the hiring of planning commissioner Tim Keane.

The initiative, supported by Mayor Kasim Reed, will focus on developing plans and guidelines to foster positive growth in the city while maintaining the history and character of Atlanta. Atlanta INtown notes that the intention of the Atlanta City Design Project will be to "envision what Atlanta should look like decades from now, as well as guide future decisions on the growth and development of the city."

Kicking off this summer, the project will host community meetings to promote sustainability and equability in the creation of public and private spaces throughout the city. So this could be a step in the right direction.

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