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Metro ATL Road Could be Renamed for Controversial Preacher

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Renaming roads for famous Atlantans has become common practice and a heated topic in recent years. But renaming roads for infamous Atlantans may be a new trend. Millionaire preacher and televangelist Creflo Dollar could soon have a stretch of highway named for him in South Fulton. A bill is circulating in the Senate to honor Dollar, whom it describes as a "world-renowned Bible teacher, a sought-after conference speaker, and a best-selling author, with hundreds of books, CDs, and DVDs in distribution worldwide." While the road isn't too far from the preacher's outrageous mansion in Fayetteville, support is coming from elsewhere — and from unlikely places.

There are five sponsors for the bill, including senators from Marietta, Augusta and Jonesboro. But while the senators feel the tribute is fitting, there has been a swift reaction against the proposal, with a petition circulating to "Save Us From Creflo Dollar Highway." But before the legislature gets to vote, weigh in on whether Reverend Dollar should get a roadway:

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