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Three Residential Projects Begin the Permitting Gauntlet

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As 2016 progresses, development across town is cranking up to warp speed. Bisnow reports that three multi-family residential proposals are moving forward as we speak. The largest project to move toward permitting is JPX Work's Peachtree & Third tower, planned to rise near the Fox Theatre. First blipping the development radar back in September, the plans have come together quickly for the stacked-box high-rise. Slated to feature 150 units on 24 floors, the building will be a welcome addition to the far south side of Midtown. Meanwhile, land disturbances could soon be afoot farther north.

While the JPX tower is the only high-rise going for permits at the moment, two other mid-rise buildings could soon get underway. Pollack Shores has applied for a land disturbance permit to kick off their 1270 Spring St. project. Planned as a five-story apartment building, the project will feature 256 units and 16,000 square feet of active and retail space at the street.

Across town in Morningside, land disturbance permits have been issued for Accent Morningside. Details on the project are a bit scant, but records indicate more than 222,000 square feet of housing will replace an Ethiopian restaurant on Cheshire Bridge Road. With a new wave of development in the corridor, the seedier days of the Cheshire Bridge drag could be coming to a close.

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