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For $369K, Kirkwood 'Entertainer's Paradise' has Killer Studio

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If Dr. Dre was in the market for an eastside Atlanta townhome, and if for some reason his billionaire's budget had shrunk to $369,000 max, he'd probably pounce on this airy, fun-loving, three-story Kirkwood unit. And not just for the cavernous living room, generally slick finishes and two-block proximity to the commercial village. The listing makes no mention of it, so it's hard to know if it's included, but the ground level boasts a pro-looking recording studio, with a little vestibule for laying down vocals. Otherwise, the vitals: three bedrooms, three bathrooms and 2,250 square feet. If there's an Achilles heel, the outdoor space here isn't exactly plentiful. And proximity to drag-strip Memorial Drive could present an issue for some, but that probably wouldn't matter if the music's blasting.

· 201 Howard St. SE [Estately]