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Comment of the Week

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"Look, there is only one New York, just like there is only one London, Paris, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Comparing NYC and Atlanta is about as ludicrous as comparing ATL and Charlotte. That said, Atlanta still has charms that exceed NYC, depending on your circumstances. You rich? Great! NYC is awesome! But for most people, NYC can turn into a grind. Most NY ex-pats I know left because the negatives began to outweigh the positives. It wasn't instant; it just happened over time, as they aged and their priorities changed. They didn't need 24-hour entertainment available because they were no longer at a stage in life where they were going to take advantage of it. So good on you, for moving to NYC. But don't discount Atlanta because of it. Oh, and the food here, while not NYC, is still probably top 5 in the country," commenter Trolly Mctrollerson fires back at commenter Transplanter, "Charlotte Blog Issues Instructions for Not Becoming Atlanta"